she sleeps for 2 days at a time. she will get up go to the bathroom(with help) and go right back to sleep. she is getting weak. i cant get her to go to the doctors . and i try to get her to drink but she saids no . she saids she just wants to sleep.
How do i know if she is getting dehydrated?

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She probably is dehydrated. If you pinch the skin on the back of the hand, the wrinkling will be evident upon releasing the pinch. The skin should return to normal quite quickly if hydrated. I think Jessie is right, you should have her evaluated for hospice.

My Mom if not kept busy will sleep a good part of the day. She goes to a day program, they keep things hopping there, and she sure gets a good night sleep. Weekends it is not unusual for her to take 2 or 3 naps each day. I often wonder how she manages to stay awake at the day program.
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elaine, are you in the US? Have you tried to call in hospice? Hospice will work for what Medicare will pay. It sounds like your mother is a very good candidate for hospice. They may be able to help keep her comfortable and guide you through the final phases of your mother's life. Big hugs to you.
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