Mom has been very agitated and now is pulling feces out from her underwear? -

Mom has been very agitated and now is pulling feces out from her underwear?


Mom has been in an ALF/min dementia care facility for 3 months. She has been seen by a nurse practitioner who works with a psychiatrist and was prescribed depakote 125m twice a day to calm her down. Now they've increased it to 250m twice a day. She is still very belligerent to the staff. The facility she is in had 16 people but I had to hire additional help through the Alzheimers Care Resource Center because the facility said they could not spend one on one time with her and she likes one on one attention. She still is belligerent to the additional help and I don't know what to say about her Feces issue....I will be moving her to a dementia/alzheimers ONLY facility in a few months but in the mean time the current facility calls me and tell me her behavior is a big problem. The Alz care center wants to do a care plan. I'm not sure if I should start at this facility and their doctors or wait for the new facility? I think I know the answer.....start now and hopefully it will be corrected by the time she moves. Its wishful thinking it will be corrected but I'm not sure I have any other option. Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I guess I'm not sure what you mean about her 'feces situation'...Does she wear diapers and after she has a bowel movement she removes the feces and drops it on the floor? or does she just wear underwear ...? How is she able to access it if she is in a well-fitting diaper? If she is not in diapers I would think it's time to put them on her as this situation has to be unsanitary. You said she's in a care facility with 16 people...staff or residents? If you hired a special care-giver for her on top of the regular staff I would think she should be supervised closely enough where this shouldn't happen. OK, it's late and I'm rambling.....sooo
1. If she is not in diapers put them on her and make sure they fit well (no gaps that would allow her access to her feces.
2. If she is in diapers, make sure they fit her really well (the ones with elastic around her legs and closely fitting on her waist.
3. Make sure they are taking her to the bathroom frequently enough, or are changing her diaper often.
I hope this helps but if you gives us some more info we may be able to give you more ideas on how to rectify this problem. My blessings to you, Lindaz.
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Start it now since you're having so many problems and when she moves you can ensure she receives continuity of care.
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Do it now. It will be reviewed upon the move.
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