My Mom is attending an Adult day care and they stated I'm to pay for the Thanksgiving holiday. Anyone else experience this?


She goes to adult day care so that I can work during the day and I have a question for you! I was informed that since she is a "full time" member that I am to pay for the Thanksgiving Holiday and the day after. I don't understand this as they are closed those days. I was told (by them) that this is common practice in both adult and child day care centers. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced the same thing? I really feel like this is not a fair practice!

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Are you otherwise satisfied by the care? Does your mom like it there? Sometimes it's not worth a fight if all else is well. However, that's for you to decide.

You may feel better armed with some facts. I'd call around to other ADCs and even child care and get some quotes. Then, if this ADC is unusual, you could nicely approach this them with your information.

Again, to me it's the big picture that counts the most, though others will likely disagree and they may be right. This is only my opinion. I know that this is expensive care and if they are closed it doesn't make sense to charge you in some ways, but if you pay by the month for full-time care that may be just the way it is.

Please let us know about what you learn and check back, too, for other opinions.

Take care,
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Agree with Carol. It's been my daycare provider charged for holidays and a paid vacation. I did it because she was good and I needed her. It does seem fair as I get similar paid holidays and paid vacation so I think the business is entitled to similar.

I'd overlook this one.
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Thank you Carol and Sunflo2. I really appreciate your insight. In the grand scheme of things, it seems silly, as she's receiving excellent care. I was just taken aback by the charge for days that they are closed.
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Our office assistant says she has to pay for daycare for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
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