Mom is 88 and has Dementia/Alzheimers, COPD, and Parkinson. She has had a bilateral knee replacement years ago which is adds to the problem. She complains of pain in the feet and specifically the heel. I checked and there was dry skin and a small piece of skin hanging, which I was able to remove. These are not open sores but built up dry skin which have become painful. I have used some good creme and have rubbed her feet believing it may be circulation. The problem is now she only walks on the balls of
her feet which hinders her balance and her overall ability to walk. At times during the night she will yell for me as her feet hurt and the muscles are tense.

Any one else come upon this? What did you do? Any medical explanations? I want to call a doctor, but the ortho won't touch it, and the neuro doctor may not have an idea.

Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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The Podiatrists I used to work for suggested Udder or Bag Balm for dry cracked feet. It is for cow's udders and works very well. Make sure you put socks on her after you apply it, it helps with absorption and mess. But a visit to a podiatrist or foot care nurse, is in order too.

If you soak her feet before filing the built up dead skin/callouses it will be easier to remove. I have a foot file with different grit on each side. I have to do my feet weekly and twice a week in summer when I wear sandals or have bare feet all the time.
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pamzimmrrt is right. If they are as good as mine they also do a mini massage, which helps a lot. The cream I have is from the doctors 'Epiderm Cream' and can be used for a variety of things.

Good luck
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redroseman, dry skin like that is similar to having many paper cuts, hurts like heck. Try O'Keefe's Working Hands cream. I also believe O'keefe's just came out with a foot cream. It does work, I've tried the hand cream as a last resort and it cleared up all the tiny dry skin paper cuts on my hands.

Your Mom's legs muscles are tense because she is walking differently.

Pam, above, had a good idea about seeing a Podiatrist as they just deal with feet issues.
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Could she possibly have neuropathy? I understand that is painful.

I get foot pain when I have built up callous (splg?) I bought a slope, electric foot file with the rough texture files. The others took me forever and I didn't have the patients for it. You know what the situation is, so use your best judgment. It is really important to move continually or the friction causes some serious heat. When I'm done with that I do a warm foot soak, apply favorite moisturizer, I used Vaseline until my feet were back to healthy skin, nice pair of cotton socks, went to bed. In the morning my feet feel fabulous. It did take about 2 weeks filing every 3rd day with moisture every night. Do the entire foot, you may catch yourself giving you this special treatment.

I would consult a podiatrist to rule out ant medical causes.

God bless you for all you do for your mom🌹
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Get a podiatrist. Dad's insurance covered it, and it probably needs filed off. Good luck
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