It's causing discourse for even the slightest correction I do for her feet or standing and getting her balance better. She stays depressed cause she can’t accept she may never regain full use of her left side to drive her car or crochet, crafting again.

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Hi Abrackeen… We live in Texas. I am not only caregiver to my honey who had two strokes but am a stroke survivor as well. Hopefully I can help on this.

There is a forum for stroke survivors and caregivers that was a life saver after my honey had his strokes. (not saying to leave this forum as this one is great as well and has been my life saver and life line so please keep posting here as well).

The URL is:

Some resources here in TX:

1. I would call 211 and explain what you are looking for. They have access to numerous resources.

2. Health and Human Services
4900 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78751-2316 Phone:(512) 424-6500

3. Texas Department of Aging:

4. Check your local area online to see what resources are available. (assistance for senior citizens....(your area)

5. Talk to your Mom's doctor...he/she may be able to write an order for therapy (both physical and counseling...counseling to help her learn to live with her disability) I was told that if the doctor writes the order Medicare will in all likelihood cover the PT, counseling and Visiting nurse (if one is needed). But check into it. As for in-home non-medical caregivers, if needed, Medicare does not cover this and it can get pricey.

6. Does your Mom have a social worker? If so sit down and talk to him/her. The social worker has access and knowledge of resources.

7. Talk to your Mom's doctor about the depression (you may want to talk to the doctor alone or call them when you are away from your Mom. As you are her caregiver they need the feedback to know how your Mom is doing.

Being a stroke survivor and a caregiver to a stroke survivor I know first hand how frustrating and scary having a stroke is. I was lucky, though I am not a professional physical therapist, I rehabbed myself from the strokes (2 major and 11 minor strokes over the years), did the rehab for my Dad after his stroke (he would not allow anyone else to touch him but me), and did the rehab for my honey after his strokes. It is scary to suddenly realize that life as you know it has changed for ever. Rehab though is imperative after a stroke. It can mean the difference between improvement and staying the same. I have been lucky as most people do not know that I have had strokes unless I am tired. My honey however was affected mentally, personality, balance and in other ways though his paralysis cleared up.

Hang in there and don't give up. Acceptance will come in due time and with help she may regain the ability to do some of the things that she loved. I had to learn to be ambidextrous. I am blessed that I did not lose the ability to do my art though I live with a debilitating headache that started with one of my minor strokes in Feb 2016 and has been continuous. Luckily it is kept at a dull roar by medication.

Please keep us posted and if the information that I gave you (shown above) does not help, please let me know and I will do some more research. Hang in there. Many prayers for you and your Mom. Have a great day and weekend.
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