Hi. I get up each day at 5:30 to care for my father who has moderate Alzheimer’s. I make sure he takes his meds and cook 3 meals for him. My children are still in middle school, so I have to rush home to get them off to school each day, after I’m finished preparing my father for the day. I’ve been doing this for 2 years. Can anyone tell me when it is best to bring in, in-home caregivers? We are trying to save money — my dad has limited cash — to make the most of the cash he has available for his care. Thank you.

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He should not be alone for any length of time.
You should be sleeping in your house and caring for your family as first priority.
Use his funds now to either have caregivers come in OR use his funds and find a Memory Care facility that is close. Then (I hope you have POA) begin the process of selling his house and any proceeds will also be used for his care. If and when it is necessary apply for Medicaid. (On that thought..make sure the MC that you choose accepts Medicaid)

If dad is a Veteran please contact your local Veterans Assistance Commission or the VA and find out if he qualifies for any services.
You can also contact your Area Agency on Aging and find out if he qualifies for any services.
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Your schedule exhausts me just reading about it. And your children need you. Start using Dad’s money for his care instead of shortchanging your children and possibly endangering your own health in the process by burning the candle at both ends.
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If he has moderate Alzheimer’s, the time for care is now.

It is not safe for him to be alone any longer.

That does NOT mean that you have to be the one doing his caregiving.

If funds are in short supply, Medicaid can be applied for.

There are others here that have walked this road.

Do a search for “Medicaid” in the little magnifying glass above. You will see many questions and answers.

Best wishes.
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