We put mum into care several weeks ago after living with me for 5 years due to her uncontrollable behaviour. All her clothes were labelled but noticed after 10 days that her underwear was not being replaced, she had enough pants for over 2 weeks. I have read other people's comments about missing garments but I don't feel that this is down to mum, several other items including nightdresses are also missing, as well as garments appearing. Although she has dementia she doesn't have a room on a dementia unit and I feel this problem is down to the staff. It's really upsetting for me as I looked after her well. I am having to sell her property to fund care which isn't cheap and don't see why I should wash her clothes or take new underwear in. All was logged in a meeting we had but nothing has changed. I'm going to visit her today and have another word with the staff. What I don't understand, if labelled why do they get it so wrong. Do you think that I am over reacting?

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Sunny girl has the best solution. These staff are so poorly paid they are probably mostly immigrants and simply can't read or understand the language. they probably just smile and nod their heads when given instructions.
Another thought comes to mind. maybe it's a male sorter stoned out of his mind and holds up a pair of underwaer and says. "This looks like a pair of Mabel's throw them on her pile"
Reminds me of when my hubby was an intern and his superior was Greek. He wrote in a patient's notes "I would write more if I knew more English"
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I think missing clothing is common. I have seen several pieces of clothes with some other resident's name in my LO's closet. Apparently, the person putting the clean clothes back into the rooms is not careful or can't read. It's really bizarre.

What I started doing was keeping all receipts for my LO's clothes and taking a photo of them before I put them in her room. If something goes missing, I tell the facility rep and they pay for it.
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The place to start this conversation is at the top, IMHO, with the SW and the administrator of the facility. You need to be frank with them and tell them that this is unacceptable; they should please bring in the laundry manager and get to the bottom of where mom's clothing has gotten to.

To the "line staff:--the aides, nurses, person who delivers the laundry, be sweet as pie. Bring treats and the like. But if the top folks tell you there is nothing that can be done, start looking to move mom elsewhere; if they go along with, at best, poor return of laundry and at worst, theft by staff, what else are they ignoring?

My mom was in a NH for near on 4 years. I can count the number of garments that went missing on the fingers of one hand. This is just not acceptable procedure.
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You are not overreacting, in that this problem is infuriating and you would have thought, wouldn't you, that it cannot be beyond the wit of man to read a name tag and return items to the corresponding room.

And yet, and yet...

How big is the care home? How many residents? How many changes of clothes? And how well staffed is the laundry? Think through the logistics and you'll probably be able to see the major flaw in the process.

If you visit regularly and are prepared to be tyrannical about it, you might be able to insist on your mother's clothing being bagged for laundering at home so that it never leaves her room unless it's actually on her. But that means extra work for you and will probably still not be fool-proof.

Show an appreciation of how much work the laundry staff have to do and you'll get a more co-operative response than if you go in there and rip somebody's head off. It isn't that I don't feel for you, but "eyes on the prize" as they say.
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