I have made post several times about my mom's condition of dementia. I've did alot of research on it, and around her all the time. I am quite convinced that dementia is what she has. Her MD also agreed, and was the doctor to confirm that diagnosis. Now, however, two of her other doctors that are not medical doctors claim that she doesn't have dementia, and should stop taking the meds for it that she has been taking for two years. This is just insane to me because she started to feel, and behave better after starting the meds. and not so depressed. I just can't believe this is happening, and really don't know what to do from here. The other doctors are "mind" doctors I guess you could say. Well any advice would be great.

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That is so frustrating..... so she is seeing a neurologist, psychologist or psychiatrist as well as her own primary care doctor? What is the basis for the other two doctors claiming that she does not have dementia? I would consult the doctor her first gave the diagnosis of dementia. If she is improving with the medication, then that certainly says something.

Doctors often do have opposing opinions, but you know her best; go with your intuition on this and your experience with her. Why does she see these other doctors anyway?
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