Is 6 beds being offered the minimum? or can it be 4? or 2? I may start my own business so I'm looking for the minimum requirement. Thanks

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There are regulatory requirements that must be met at a minimum when opening a care center.
Do an internet search for your state and which agency oversees licensing. There are written guidelines, no doubt about this.
Good luck! It’s a lot of work to get a license for what you propose to do.
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In my city, fire codes determine how many can be in the home. No fire suppression system, no .more than 5 people. Sprinklers no more than 10. Check with your HOA if you have one, some won't allow home based businesses.

You really need to get all of your local laws. When I placed my dad there was only 1 resident that had been there by herself for 7 months. Be sure you can find competent help before you commit to too many residents. 24/7 care is a requirement and can not be done by 1 or 2 people, burnout happens. Laundry, 3 meals 7 days, snacks, housekeeping, med management, dealing with personality of each resident, grocery shopping and on and on, my point is to do your research, figure out what will be required and make sure you are up to it for the long haul. You will be dealing with people that have a hard time with change, yet they themselves change daily.

If it is your calling, I wish you the best of luck!
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Liz, your best bet is to call your local county or city zoning department to see what are the minimum requirements for your area, plus what permits and licenses you would need.

Hope everything works out :)
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