My MIL has Alzheimer's. We live in Wisconsin. She requires 24/7 supervision and care. My husband and I have been caring for her up to this point at home. My husband had a stroke 2 weeks ago and cannot care for her and I will need to work full-time to support us. My MIL gets 2 annuity payments, which were set up through an employer and I find out we cannot sell or transfer them and they are paid for lifetime. With that and her Social Security she is over the income limit for Medicad. We were told that we cannot put her in a facility unless we are private pay, which obviously we cannot afford. We were basically told that no facility will take her unless we are private pay. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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There is something called Miller or Pooled income Trust that can usually be set up (as Jeanne says, by an eldercare attorney) to qualify someone with excess income for Medicaid.
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See an attorney specializing in Elder Law. (Not your cousin who practices corporate law, or a friend's recommendation of her divorce lawyer.) There is usually a way to overcome the too-much-income obstacle, and a lawyer with this specialty will guide you through it.

I don't know how those income limits are set, but many people have income higher than that which is still not enough to pay for their care. Dreadful! See a lawyer.
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