This is Part two of an ongoing issue. I already posted that my MIL split her money three years ago. BIL spent his share even though I warned him about the 5 year look back. My husband and I put it in a seperate account and didn't touch it. Now her 20 days in rehab are up. BIL found out there was a charge of $167.50 a day for any day after day 20. First he TOLD us about the copay we were going to have figuring we would foot the bill because he already spent his half of the money. When my husband told him that we would split the copay 50/50 with him he decided it was time for his mom to come home. I'm guessing had we been good with shelling all the money out he would have shot for 100 days! So now she's coming home by ambulance Tuesday (we are paying half) which leads me to the next question.

Will Medicare pay for rehab at home as well as some home health aid to care for her daily needs? I'm sure if they do it's only a few hours but at least that's something. Any copay we will pay half. Also I'm keeping track of whatever we spend for my MIL writing on each check made out to my BIL what it is for. I'm guessing I can do a spend down. So far it hasn't Been all that much but I've already told my dh that we'll be asking for copies of the bills soon so we have a paper trail.

I don't care if my BIL sells his blood to pay his share of the expenses for my MIL. I know that sounds harsh but he did the wrong thing by spending her money and I almost stood on my head telling him not to! I know I dodged a bullet since she's now staying with him. Used to be here a month there a month ... so if not for one month difference when she got the UTI at his house that started this ball rolling I could be the one dealing with being the full time caregiver! Husband wouldn't help even though it's his mother he's got his own anxiety, depression issues and not at all a caregiver in any sense of the word so it would all be on yours truly. Not only that but we would have no choice but to foot the whole bill because they just wouldn't pay. Hate dealing with these people but you know what they say you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family and these two my BIL and SIL are the bottom of the barrel!

One thing I know is I'm sticking to we'll pay half because him spending money that wasn't his was his stupidity and I for one will not pay for his stupidity. Husband is a bit of an issue feeling sorry for him but with a lot of coaxing and talking he's doing the right thing so far. We have our own financial obligations and sorry but he's not one of them. We have two daughters with special needs and that takes priority over EVERYTHING! There is no way I'm backing down on this one 1/2 of her expenses all the way and I don't think I'm in the wrong for doing it this way!!!!

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I'm sorry that your MIL is going home after just 20 days of rehab because she is not going to get the same level of physical or occupational therapy that she was getting in the Skilled Nursing Home facility.  As to the amount of Home Health that gets paid for--it depends on whether your MIL qualifies for Home Health Aide or not.

Does your MIL have Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance from a company like Humana or Blue Cross/Blue Shield? They will pay a portion of the Skilled Rehabilitation cost (usually Physical and Occupational Therapy) in a Nursing Home/Long Term Care facility after the 20 days are up.

Here is some information about home health and Medicare.  (Copy & Paste URL to your browser) ;

See the "Paying for Senior Care" website: for information about possible options available for your MIL. (Copy & Paste URL to your web browser.)

Good Luck & {{{Hugs}}}
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