She has been in Memory Care area of NH for over a year and has reached the stage where she recognizes no one. Very recently, she has stopped talking, will sit with hands folded on her lap & just looks down at her hands while we try to engage her in a conversation that's basically small talk: how are you today....did you enjoy your lunch....? No answers..a split second glance at you then back to staring at her hands. The staff advised that she no longer gets herself up in the mornings unless they get her going but she does not want to use her walker anymore. She does still eat but the amount of food is less. Is this the last stage? Thanks.

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Thanks Ahmijoy. As I was entering above, Hospice came to mind. I know my husband would see that this is probably the next step but SIL...she's very emotional at this time. Will discuss with DH.
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I’m so sorry. Have you asked for Hospice to come in?
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