A male resident keeps peeing on the floor or in garbage cans or corners/by walls.
We have signs he can read & have redirected him many times.
He is also able to go by himself.
Any ideas?

As said, its time for every 2 hr potty break and you walk him there. You may even have to help him. Signs and redirecting do not work with a Dementia patient.

Not trying to be rude here but your profile mentions Dementia care. Is this something new for you? Because those health workers who have dealt with Dementia patients for a while are aware of their limitations. Early on besides short term memory problems they no longer can reason, process or comprehend. Looking at a sign that says bathroom with an arrow pointing the direction does not mean they understand the word. I had a picture of a bathroom on Moms bathroom door and she still didn't know it was a bathroom. You are working with people whose minds are dying little by little. They need to be treated like a small child at times. Would you expect a toddler to be able to read a sign and take directions, no. So don't expect a person suffering from Dementia to understand. And what they do one day, doesn't mean they can do it the next day.
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Are you an employee there? The man needs to be toileted on a schedule and dressed in clothing he can't remove on his own.
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