How much does Memory Care cost and who pays for it? -

How much does Memory Care cost and who pays for it?


From what I have been told there is Assisted Living Memory Care and Nursing Home (skilled nursing) Memory Care. One Medicare/Medicaid pays for and the other it doesn't. Does my father have to burn through all of his money and be broke before Medicaid would pay for his care?

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GeeWiz, I'm in your corner! Why should a fancy highrise in a major city with all the luxuries cost the same as a no-frills ancient facility in Podunk Corners, USA? Most of us are in our right mind well before this need occurs - that's why we have savings accounts and 401Ks.

I've been paying 3500 for a modern and relatively new memory care facility where changing of diapers is extra and there is no on staff doctor. I've had to take mthr out for doctor visits when she was not on home health service. I've had to supply furniture. Mthr saved enough to take care of herself to 100 years, and I'm not trying to get "my inheritance" first - she saved this money to spend on her care.  I get to save for my own retirement care.
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I disagree testdepth. Prices are all in the same ballpark where I live. There is a (significant) difference between assisted living and skilled nursing but there are significant differences in the services offered as well.
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I am not one for government regulation but it appears that in the case of elder care it is needed as prices are all over the place. I guess we should all hope to have a sound mind or die before we get there.
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testdepth, I agree with Barb above, make an appointment to talk with an Elder Law Attorney to get suggestions on what to do if you feel that Dad will need to apply for Medicaid [different from Medicare] down the road.

Please note that Medicare does not pay for full-time home care nor facility care.

When it comes to Assisted Living/Memory Care, most places are self-paid, which means Dad will have to pay. These places average around $6k per month, depending on location. Some States may allow Medicaid to help pay for part or all of the monthly fee. Check with your State as each State has their own programs, and those programs are subject to change.

Skilled Nursing Home/Memory Care usually Medicaid will help pay for your Dad's care. You would need to have Dad apply for this program. And Dad would need to be eligible health wise for the nursing home. Now Dad can self-pay while he is there until his funds are almost used up [he can keep some] then Medicaid will pick up the bill.  For self-pay these places average $10k per month depending on location.

If Dad owns a house, Medicaid will place a lien on the house. Once Dad passes, then Medicaid will want to be paid for Dad's care, thus will use the equity on the house. If any equity is left over, then the heirs get the equity per a Will. Don't forget Medicaid is a taxpayer funded program. If the house is sold now, the equity can only be used for Dad's care.

If there is no house, don't worry, you or the family are not required to reimburse Medicaid.

Getting older can be so complex :(
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You should really, REALLY go see an eldercare attorney in your dad's state to get advice.

There is a 5 year look back for Medicaid. All dad's monies need to have been spent for his gifting. He is allowed to retain one home and one vehicle ( at least in my state).

You don't "burn through" his monies, you use it for his care, and for an eldercare attorney. In some states, you can qualify for a "medicaid bed" in an AL memory care if you can private pay for a year or two upfront. Being able to do so will also get him into a nicer NH in some places.

To be eligible for a NH, he would also need to qualify medically.

That's the short version; DO seek out a qualified, certified elder attorney.
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