Commonwealth Memory Care of Norfolk (VA) where Mom has lived over 2 years is not allowing her to return after being hospitalized for UTI and wrong ALZ Med treatment. They have mismanaged her care and the staff not trained to redirect properly-increase her agitation. The Director rarely even in the building hands over operational control to a LPN who has very poor nursing judgement (Follower) not (Leader) The Corporation based out of Charlottesville VA (Commonwealth Assisted Living) has about 6 properties in the area- My Mom gets a state Medicaid ALZ Waiver & Medicaid Aux Grant and this is the payment along with her Social Security that covers the Memory Care Assisted Living fees. This area offers NO OTHER placement in Memory Care Assisted Living. This Corporation and Facility has "FAILED" to meet Mom's needs by lack of treatment and lack of education. The Drs at the Hospital right now have changed her meds from Depakote to Zyprexa and she has been doing very well.. They believe after a week of observations that her behaviors are definitely treatable and she would do well in Memory Care Setting.. She is still Walking, tolieting and feeding self.. Talkative, cheerful and has charmed the entire staff. This corporation and facility have refused to let her return and they are saying because of behaviors- But with Wrong Meds and a UTI .. I find it appalling they can throw her to the curb with no regard for her condition and the fact this state has lack of AL placement with Medicaid.. Hospital Social Worker has nothing to offer and the Drs will be ready to D/C mid week. I am unable to take her to my house- I have a renter and she is unable to do stairs now and is a wander risk, was walking out my door before- 3 years ago I had her here with a daytime caregiver- she would just walk out and would not be redirected. Stubborn. I am a Single Mom of 1 Son and we have a dog- Many safety issues here with her around.. I brought her home for Thanksgiving day and until about 2pm it was ok. Eating and sitting etc.. Then Sundowners came and it was restless and stressful to reason with her about going home to her AL etc. I am having trouble at work focus, I quit my schooling, I am having trouble sleeping, I am visiting her in hospital twice a day .. I am PRAYING hard and seeking God's plan and input on this.. but I just keep coming back to..the same answer- her facility is not being fair. What will happen??? The Regional Dir (Over all the Admin) said she went 'upline' at my request and got a (NO).. I venture to say she either didnt even talk to him or filled it full of untruths and blown up events.. I have asked her to provide me with the so-called behaviors and datea she is using as a reason for not re admiting.. I am lost..

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