It seems to me that bad experiences burn themselves into our cells while the good ones fly away on butterfly wings.

Do I remember the good times ??? Of course not. Lying in bed at nite/showering/driving to work. What do I remember ... sadness of course. So I have to divert my memories ... which can be hard even though I KNOW I had some.

Sad ? Pathetic ? Well yeah.

If im 78 now ... how much worse will it get ???

Just saying ....

Thank you all. Yearly doc appt tomorrow.
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Dear Betsy Sue, walking in the sunshine is a great way to improve things. Perhaps you also need to bump up your self control to stop chewing over unhappy times. It takes a big effort to stop, but keeping the habit will make things get worse and worse. Remembering happy times is sometimes a problem because they were eventually followed by bad times. In the night, I find some comfort in thinking through the plots of books and movies that I know well. It is no more and no less a waste of time than thinking about bad times, but it is better for your peace of mind. At least that way you can be sure of a happy ending! Give it a go - it isn't as silly as you might think.
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Sorry you're feeling blue Betsysue. I hope you're feeling better soon. Do you have a neighbor or friend that you can chat with or walk outside for a bit? Sometimes, the sunshine makes me feel better. I might check with my doctor too, just to make sure that I was physically ok.
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Betsey, you don’t say if you are ruminating over your life and last or someone else’s. Or what will get worse. However, it doesn’t sound like you need check in with your doctor and speak with them about depression and how to treat it. Waiting for things to get worse is no way to live. It’s a stressful and negative life.

We all have sad memories and regrets when we get to be Seniors. However, there are good memories as well. When they fly away on “butterfly wings”,perhaps we need to find a butterfly net and look up instead of down, yes?
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Ahmijoy Sep 16, 2018
It DOES sound like you need to check in with your doctor. Sorry.
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