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Seroquel worked very well for my wife until it didn't. I asked if I could increase the dosage and my doctor said yes and prescribed a larger dosage. It usually works very well. What has really helped my wife (and me) is Divalproex Sod. That is generic for Depakote. It is a mood stabilizer and it usually works very well and is given 3 times a day. They never work perfectly all of the time but they improve her moods most of the time. Bedtime is the most difficult time. What works best then and in conjunction with the drugs is me going to bed at almost the same time. I bring my laptop and kindle and I am good to go and that really helps put my wife calmly to sleep. That may not be what will work for many but it is a real lifesaver for me. My wife was almost unrecognizable in the throes of her sundowners. Good luck and best wishes for these most difficult times of the day.
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There are many. The problem with them is that one does not work for all. Seroquel worked well for my mom, but it has the completely opposite effect as intended with others. For some ativan works well, for my mom it had the opposite effect.

Check with her doctor, then be patient, it is trial and error to find something to help. And it helps and will not solve the problem. Then doses will need to be increased over time as you notice the results do not remain stable.
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