She is terrified of the shower and won't let staff close the bathroom door. She hasn't slept in her bed in months. Are there meds?

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Often such behaviors can be due to changes in personality that is often seen with aging and may come from one or more causes. Such behavior may be the result of trauma from her youth, it may be from dementia or changes in her brain that causes such acting out. It could be caused by a urinary tract infection. It also may be the result of the one or more medications that are being used. And all of these conditions can be worsened if she is dehydrated.
My recommendation would be to assure that she is well-hydrated, that she has a clear urinalysis, no underlying infection. If you could target in on the time her “behaviors” started, ask if any new medications started just prior to that period. You can also ask her consultant pharmacist at the facility to evaluate if any of the medications may be contributing to the problem. The problems you reported could be her reacting to one or more medications that she is taken. Gradual dose reductions in any of the medications over time may alleviate the behaviors. You mother may benefit from a geriatric psychiatric evaluation; but very often new medications are added with such reviews. In seniors, I always suspect such behavior may be the result of the medications being used and always try to evaluate if what she is currently taking may need to be reduced or stopped.
I would summarize that you look at the big picture, if changes are made, that changes be made in one medication at a time and that reductions be made slowly, abruptly stopping medications may also cause changes in behaviors.

Lynn Harrelson, Pharm BS, FASCP
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