It's time for a Neurologist now, and if you know anything about Kaiser, it's all about a referral which is what we've done. I looked Alz/Dem Specialist up on line to get some names.

Question for you guys is I read about some medicines that slow the mental decline, and slow the progression of symptoms. (I know these are not a cure) They are:


Any comments on any of these medications, and is there anything anyone can recommend that will calm my mom down. Sister says she screams "HELP, HELP, HELP" a lot but there's nothing really wrong.

Looking forward to any recommendations from you.


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I personally need to thank ALZCAREGIVER for her help. I went to that site and read, and listened, and read and listened and now I'm ready. Thank you.
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I can't comment on the medications - but I did want to say that my Mom was on a blood pressure medicine that made her absolutely loopy - I thought she might have Alzheimer's but the onset was noticeable because she lives with me. I wonder how many elderly have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's who are on this BP med. In the fine print it said dementia was a side effect. This may not be happening in your case but I always think I would want to know about the BP drug - no one told me!
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