Both of my parents are disabled and high risk for falls. My mom receives a small Social Security income and my dad is on Long Term disability. I am their only child and have moved in with them to provide assistance but currently work 2 jobs because the income is greatly needed. My dad has been disabled for quite a few years but I have seen increased deterioration in my dad's health and mobility since he had a stroke last year. He has fallen several times and my mom who is disabled to a lesser degree is unable to provide the help he needs. I feel as if I really need to be with them full time, however, I can not afford to leave my job or medical benefits (I had my thyroid removed last summer and need repeated doctor visits and lifetime meds). Is there any help for us?

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Yes, there is help for you. Are your parents on/eligible for Medicaid? That federal program can provide in-home care as well as help with nursing home costs when that time comes. Once it is determined that your parents are qualified for a certain number of hours of aides per week, you could be the one to get paid for providing that care. Depending on what you do now and the number of hours involved, you may be better off keeping your job and having other people provide the care. Also the program may pay for adult day health care where both of your parents could go while you work.

If you do decide to become their paid caregiver, be SURE you are not giving up adequate medical coverage and earning SS credits. You need to take care of your own financial needs and your future first.
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The conversation begins with their MD, since he is the one who orders care. The second step is the county office of the aging where you live, who can help find care for them. Do NOT give up your job, you are working towards your own SS retirement.
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