F -if F plans are phased out in 2020, will the lack of (new blood) new younger healthier enrollees cause the cost of these exsisting F plan to skyrocket in the following years.

I've been told, while this will be a major issue in other states, in Florida its a non-issue because costs for different age groups are not commingled. The lower costs of younger healthier enrollees never offsets the cost of other older sicker age groups in the plan anyway. Your plan will go up only if the costs of caring for people in your age group goes up + inflation.

G - Usually cost less than "F" plans because they doesn't cover the part B deductible ($166). While this doesn't look like an issue because the difference the plans is greater 166 dollars, what about future increases in the part B deductible. If you buy an "F" plan you are cover against future increases in B deductibles. With G you are not. Sky is the limit! Right!

Is there anyone out there who can confirm or refute what I have said.

If this is correct I'm going with F!

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Another thought is to research online to find think tanks (especially in the DC area) that perform regression analysis on medical issues.
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If you're really concerned about these issues, you might want to do some research to see if the GAO has done projections, or if other projections have been done by legislators serving on committees which have health care mandates.

What you've "been told" doesn't mean anything unless it's based on reliable projections. There's a lot of misinformation about a lot of subjects. I never listen to or believe anything that isn't documented by valid research.

"I've heard" or "I've been told" are to me meaningless without further validation.
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