I went to the business office at the Nursing home to see if my Mom's money (48.00 a month) had been going into her account. The person there told me that Medicare hasn't approved her yet. Should I be concerned about this? Medicare and her check are two different things. I assume that the estate guardian is getting his money (which is more than what my mother gets) what can I do about this? And would I be wrong to take her out of the NH? She gets care at the minimum and I believe that some of the CNA are being a little ruff with her, she tells me this but it could be her dementia that's making her think that way. I just don't know what to do please help me.

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My Mom private paid for two months before Medicaid took over. Since SS was offsetting her private pay, she received her PNA.
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Dorothy, is your mom in the NH awaiting Medicaid approval? Medicare does not pay for long term care, only for rehab after a hospitalization.

Once Medicaid is approved, it sounds like she is expected to get a personal needs allowance of 48$ per month. Is that what you are referring to?  

When mom is on Medicaid, all of her social security and any other income is paid to the NH as her " share of cost", minus a small amount which can be used for the beauty salon, etc.  Thus, Medicaid and her checks are very much the same thing.

As to mom's perception about the aides, please talk to the Social Worker at the facility. You are there to advocate for your mom's needs!
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