Does Medicare still cover my mom's skilled nursing facility if I move her to another place?


The skilled nursing facility that my Mom moved into in unacceptable to me.

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Yes, if she is there for rehab Medicare will still pay. The business office and admitting depts at the new place should help you navigate the process of how to transfer her.
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To me the key in all this is just under what situation did your mom enter the facility…. if she is in it for a post-hospitalization discharge to a NH for rehab ( which is a time & progress limited Medicare benefit), moving her will really need to have MD sign off and a continuity of care plan set in place from facility to facility. Otherwise mom will be out of compliance for Medicare & the move could be considered to be AMA - against medical advice. Really you don't want to go there….. AMA can domino into the insurer not paying for any future care needed that arises from the move.

But I'd wondering like JeannieGibbs, is your mom actually a resident in a NH and is on Medicaid? So this would be a lateral move from 1 NH to another NH, 1 Medicaid bed to another Medicaid bed but at another facility?

Which is your mom's situation? and what is the over-riding issues with the place?
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One thing to note, if you move a patient to another facility for a reason other than a doctor's order, you will be responsible for the transportation. If Mom is able to walk, then you could drive her. If she is in a wheelchair, there are wheelchair van taxis one can use, the cost is expensive. If Mom is bedridden, then she would need a professional private ambulance transport, which is quite costly as there is a train medic or two plus the driver.
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Medicare does not cover skilled nursing facilities. Do you mean Medicaid? Or a rehab unit of a nursing home?
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