My Grandmother has Medicare and some money in savings. Its not much, but too much for her to qualify for Medicaid. I'm getting to the point where I don't know how long I can do this. The majority of her care rests on me.

Looking for information on how to get a break. Is it possible with Medicare? Does anybody know when she would qualify for Medicaid?

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Butterfly, Medicaid has a lot of different programs, and individual states also have programs that may or may not be affiliated with the Medicaid programs. Here in Ohio we have Direction Home and Passport. Each offers help to caregivers. You have to qualify and it’s not something that would knock your socks off, but it’s better than nothing. The best way to find out what’s available in your state is to call both Medicare and Medicaid and ask what both have to offer.

Go back and reread your answer to Sidelined from a few days ago. It was a good one.
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Tell Mom you need a break. She must get vacation time. What do you do when Mom gets home? No one can be in a house 90% of the time.

What is Gmas monthly income? Does she have money put away? Medicaid will let her have the house but she won't be able to pay upkeep. If Mom can establish that this has been her residence for years, she maybe able to stay there as long as she pays the upkeep.
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Get a Medicaid caseworker at your county office. They can take an application and tell you exactly if there is a way for her to qualify. If there is a way via Trust, etc for her to qualify then you need to hire an attorney to do the work. This may be paid for with her savings.

if she owns her home, it might be best to sell home at market value and use the money to pay long term care.
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