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The short answer is yes. The Medicare Modernization Act requires every Medicare Part D prescription drug plan to cover at least two drugs in each category and class. Most Medicare Advantage plans include a Part D benefit.

A quick search on for four popular Alzheimer's drugs showed me three plans that would cover Namenda and the generic alternatives to Razadyne (GALANTAMINE), Exelon (rivastigmine) and Aricept (donepezil) in the 94549 zip code.

You can research Part C plans online at our site or at In either case, pay attention to the plan's pharmacy network. Sometimes the price listed on a web site referances the price you'll pay at the plan's preferred pharmacy network. If you don't purchase the drugs through that pharmacy, the costs may change.
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yes my mom took namenda and aricept and it was covered. Namenda at time she took it there was no generic. so it fell in a higher tier. but with her plan she paid 38.00 /mth. Aricept, there is a generic now and mom paid 5.00 for that. If you are concerned about coverage check their website for a formulary or give them a call they will tell you about co-pays and what tier the meds fall in. Let me add a note: doctors will prescibe medications to help with symptoms, like depression, anxiety and what not. Before getting prescriptions filled find out if it is covered and if so the co-pay. There was many a times I dropped a script off and when I went to pick it up. Either insurance won't cover or co-pay was high. then I had to contact doctor and ask for a similar med that was covered or something in a lower tier that my mom could afford.
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