If u have medical POA but the parent who has slight dementia refuses to get his blood sugar checked or take his meds is the holder of the POA responsible and find with negligence?

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You would have to have guardianship to be able to force him to take meds, etc. As long as he is competent in the legal sense he can make his own decisions about his health care. As medical POA you can act on his instructions or make decisions if he is unable to make them.

As a person who loves him, you may try persuasion or even trickery, to get him to do what you consider to be in his best interest.

Does he forget to take the meds, or is it a matter of refusing? Is he on insulin? What depends on knowing his blood sugar levels? Is his aiC high?
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Dear Ccherandez,

Sorry to hear your parent is non compliant. I know its a struggle to get an elderly parent to cooperate.

I was in this situation with my father after his stroke. The last year of his life he became non complaint and very grumpy with me. I had to make all the decisions for him. I had become quite angry and resentful because I was trying and trying to get all his issues addressed. But he just wasn't the same after the stroke.

Since my dad passed, I have struggled with guilt. Terrible guilt over what happened. Knowing that my dad was non complaint, I feel I should have done more to encourage him or find other solutions as to why he was so angry.

Diabetes is serious. His blood sugar needed to be monitored. His meds needed to be taken. His diet needed to be more strict. But I told myself he was already grumpy and in his 80s why push him? Why make him angry? Just let him be. But it was a fatal mistake. He died from a serious a heart attacks due to his non compliance.

In hindsight, I feel like I needed to be a kinder and gentler person. Maybe more persuasive. Tell the doctor. Tell the nurse. Maybe given his disposition even put him into a nursing home to make him see how serious his diabetes was.

I only say this because I hope you will try and try again to get him to more complaint. I know sometimes it feels futile but I do regret not trying harder for my dad. Because the pain and sorrow since his passing is 1000 times worse than the anger he showed me. He deserved to have a stronger daughter. And then maybe he would still be alive.
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I don't believe that they can hold anyone responsible. I hope you get some other responses.
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