Medical marijuana resources for caregivers?

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Do you have any resources for caregivers interested in discussing medical marijuana for their loved ones? Specifically seeking treatment for pain management without the use of opioids.

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Lucky for you California has a liberal outlook. Here in NY, medical marijuana is not so much for pain, unless it is migraine spasm or MS. It's a good option for seizure control in brain cancer patients. It relieves the nausea with certain types of chemotherapy. It helps MS patients to relieve spasms thereby reducing pain. It's important to select the right strain of cannabis matched to the problem at hand.
Aloha All, I have been using CBDs or cannabidiols in my colon cancer treatment and recovery for the past 6 months. They are the non-psychoactive part of marijuana and are legal in all 50 states. They are anti-biotic, anti-acterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant. I began by taking 2 200 mg capsules twice a day which were convenient but very expesive and now take a locally sourced oil that comes in a coconut oil base kept in fridge that I measure myself. Beauty of CBDs is that they allow all cells in your body to be more effective on receiving
in receiving whatever other medications, treaments more effective. There are many, many sources on-line with affordable ($40 for one month supply from Tools for Freedom) in both US and Canada. I used many holistic and allopathic (Western medicine) modalities in my treatment and would be happy to share links to some great info with anyone who PMs me. As I have told friends cancer is a condition, not a life sentence. When you change the conditions that allow it to grow, it no longer controls you. Yes, lifestyle changes may be necessary, but well worth the trial and effort. CBDs made it all much easier for me. Not one of my allopathic physicians objected, not surprisingly as there is so much data coming from Canada and European countries supporting their use that is being ignored for whater reahere in the Uogle and you will findtons of info on iuse and sources of CBDs that are legal eberywhere. Hope this is helpful to many. Please excuse typos as text system will not let me correct. Blessings to All travelling journey of living with challenges of being human, including care of aging parents!!
I take a lot of opioid pain medication throughout the day - I have from about 15 years. With the well known drawbacks of opioids and hating being chained to a pharmacy and their zealous control procedures I've grown weary of the whole situation. Over the years I've worked with pain clinics to try to alternatives to opioids - I've tried EVERYTHING! The only thing that has been the least bit successful in controlling my pain besides opioids is marijauna. Here in Oregon it is legal recreationally and I don't have to jump through hoops to get it - and it's affordable. The problem is - I don't like the buzz that comes with pot. Contrary to popular stereotype, I do not get any buzz from the opioids - zero, zip. So - my opinion for what it's worth - if you can obtain the marijauna, I give it a try.
I had a patient with seizures. Constant minute siezures in her brain especially during sleep. Well the mother asked all the nurses if we were comfortable with giving it to her that studies showed it wwas helpful for seizures. Well after a good three months of this botannical oil we call it; the cognitive improvement in this child was a amazing and continued. also the nite siezures went from 98% to about 3% as per the mother after her last ECG. Its natuarl and as Rainmom implied there are conotations that come with drug use that can be insulting.b This is natural as is opium and all but I think if used with the right intent and purpose most things work out for the good. I cant tell if this child got a buzz as she was braindamaged as a child but I lcan say it did kind of soothe her.
I applaud your efforts in searching for the right tools to find relief from any malady, pain, muscle spasm, headaches, cancer treatment side effects, including trying Medical Marijuana. Since Marijuana is now legal in Washington state, I've only recently found out, the several of my 30 something kids, are using it for things like sleeping aides, ADD/ADHD, and enjoyment too, Lol, and my son keep trying to encourage me to try it for my arthritis. I keep getting stuck over the fact that I hated the affects of it, back in the 70's, that "stoned" feeling, but I do intend to speak with my own Rheumatologist Dr, and find out his thoughts on it. You never know, as so many say that it really works for pain, Fibromyalgia, sleeping, so with his blessing, I'm definitely down with trying it! Otherwise, I'm stuck with taking Rx pain medication for my pain and suffering! Grrr!
My mum has dementia and my sister suggested to try the THC version of the cannabis oil. Well one month down the road and she is a bit calmer and sleeps quiet peacefully at night. On the days we miss giving it my mum constantly and continuously keeps getting up to check the locks on the doors and wouldn't sleep till 3 in the morning. One back draw is that her incontinence gets worse. Keeping our fingers crossed.
Xenally, did you mean, TBC? The low THC, high TBC version of Marijuana? Yes, that is what I'm interested in trying, and my son says it comes in a No smoke/vapor, or in eddibles. I would not like the stoned feeling, as that's not for me, I don't even drink alcohol! I don't like feeling out of it, but if it works, hey, Definitely!
Living in Colorado, it is just a short drive to the local "shop"

Mom started using a small part of a brownie (yeah made with marijuianna). As her use took less and less.

Where once she was taking a sleeping pill and a hydro. Then another hydro in mid night because she would wake up in pain.,.these days the sleeping pill is much less risky (got off the Ambien) and. No narc. Painkillers at all.

We switched to candy ... Each candy bar break into 10 squares. She eats 1/2 of a square at bed time, and that is the last I hear from her still early morning.

Now, my Dad. I cannot bring myself to try it without a doc supervision...and he is in the care of the VA. The VA is Federal...they cannot, do not even acknowledge it exists. No medical marijuianna either. I bet he would be helped too...but, I don't know the risks with all his other serious medical conditions.
Mllight: we can all use a laugh. I saw the title of the post thinking, oh, the caregiver wants some marijuana. Wait. "Do they do that?" Wow. That would be great if it was allowed. I never thought of that. Then I read the other posts. Duh! I personally drink 2 fingers of sangria and eat some cheese. In the dark. At night. Alone. Do not judge me. Lol. It keeps me sane.

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