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If your question is asking if there is a program that can provide a place for your grandma to live, then the answer is yes, if grandma can fully qualify - both financially and medically - for Medicaid. For all states, Medicaid provides for skilled nursing care in a Nursing Home. Some states have Medicaid diversion programs which also provide for care & services in Assisted Living or for those who can qualify for community based programs and live at home.

Google your states Medicaid program to see if she will meet the criteria. The the financial criteria basically they have to be impoverished and be able to provide for up to 5 years of all their financial documentation to show how they arrived to now be impoverished. For the medical need for a NH, they have to be able to show in their health history an exact and continuing need for skilled nursing services. Just being old, or forgetful, or needing help to do things, will not be enough to show the need for skilled nursing care.

If she needs help in understanding the program, she & you can contact your local Area of Aging program. Every state has AoA offices, just what depends on how your state runs the program.
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