What is the best medical alert system for her home?


they are many out there and i don't kow which one if the best for my mom who is 90 yrs. old and has been falling. she is hard of hearing too.

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When choosing a medical alert system, know what questions to ask:
-What is the system's range?
-What are the qualifications of the emergency responders that monitor the calls?
-Is the system waterproof?
-What is the battery life/is there battery backup?
-What is the average response time?
-Pricing-- What is the cost to own/rent the equipment? What is the monthly fee for monitoring? Is there a cancellation fee for service? etc.
Knowing what to ask and doing your research into many companies in order to compare services is important when choosing a medical alert system. I wish you the best in your search. Here's a side by side comparison tool to help you start your search:
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Check out our product section for security, safety & falls. We have many different products that will provide alerts when an elderly loved one falls.


Hope you find one that work.
-Karie H.
AgingCare.com Team
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