I'd love to find out if a "transfer asset" would earn my parents the Medicaid so desperately needed. Can't even get them to call us back and we applied one and a half nmonths ago. Been told it will be six to eight months before we are accepted into the program, meantime Mom is dying and we will just have to pay all the medical bills and drive Dad and disabled sister into the poor house.... figuratively speaking.... She's coming home for Hospice now,and Medicare pays that but geesh, what if she could recover and we would lose the Medicare coverage that hospice provides? I'd rather share poverty with my Mom than affluence without her, but I sure wish Medicaid could be written down somewhere! We're in NJ.

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Have you checked the Medicaid site for information for your state? Sometimes that seems to be easier than waiting on a phone call, which as you have said could be months. That's a sad realization isn't it for the burden the program is under? When so many are in need of immediate assistance it's scary to know how long the wait is. You might also check the Medicare website for information on hospice services. Wish I could be of more help. Good luck!
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