My mom is in nursing home under Medicaid and mom will start receiving monthly survivor annuity benefits from my dad's pension.

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Was dad a federal employee? I ask because that is the wording for most federal retirements. If so, keep in mind that most of the time you mention annuity, it means an annuity which is an insurance product so you may get info from the Medicaid caseworker or NH that is for those type of annuities rather than an annuity which is really retirement income.

mom should get an awards letter that states what the survivor annuity benefit will be. The monthly $ amount needs to get addd to her SS monthly to become her new copay or SOC (share of cost) paid each month to the NH. Hopefully it does not take mom wbove the monthly income ceiling for medicaid for your state. There could be a delay of a couple of months from when mom gets the extra $ and when the additional income actually has to start to be paid. It could be 1or 2 months too that she has extra $ with federal retirements.

Also if its federal retirement, is mom getting a secondary FEHIB medical -like BCBS - paid out of the retirement?
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Yes they will. They expect you to pay what you can, and they pickup the difference. You have to report the benefits or Medicaid gets grumpy.
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