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Medicaid does not "take" the home.

If you go onto a most of the LTC programs that are paid for by Medicaid & you are over 55, the states are required to attempt to do a recoup of the costs paid from the individual or their assets. When they are alive, this is the copay of their income to the NH; when they die, it's a claim or a lien on any assets of their estate. This is MERP - Medicaid estate recovery.

If the house is 50/50 ownership, then the claim or lien would be their 50%. BUT there are all sorts of exemptions and exclusions to MERP as well as whatever your states has a property laws and probate rules that come into play to determine how claims or liens must be done. Each state will do this uniquely. A state that allows for a lien placed once on Medicaid, will be different situation than one that has a Level of Claim for payment probate situation.

Google your states program to see what's what and then see legal if you don't understand.

Also keep in mind that they have to do a copay of their monthly income to the NH. If you need their monthly SS or retirement $$ to enable you both to live in the house, that $$ will not be there anymore. You will need to pay all the costs on the property pretty well 100% from your own purse or pocketbook. If there is a mortgage (horrors!!), this could be quite a sum each month.
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