My mom is on Medicaid, is in a skilled nursing facility, and receives $30 a month allowance. Her checking account has a fairly steady balance at about $1700. What is allowable spending? She doesn’t need anything that would cost a lot and has no space in her room for much. Can she give small monetary amounts (less that $50) to family members for Christmas and birthdays? I don’t know what to spend it on, and as selfish as this sounds I don’t want Medicaid to get it when she passes away. That $1700 is about all she has and it shouldn’t go back to the government. Thanks for any assistance.

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No, the money can only be used for personal items for her. Her hair done, clothing she may need. Snacks from the vending machine. The 1700 in her bank acct can only be used for her. There should no money going into this acct. The $30 is included with this 1700 so make sure the 30 is used or u will go over the cap they allow.

When all is said and done, the 1700 and any amt from the PNA will go towards her estate. They do not go to Medicaid.
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Really? The taxpayers are paying how many 10s of thousands annually so that she can receive care and you don't want to repay 1700.00 bucks.

One day the government is going to say no more and families are going to be caring for seniors regardless of what is going on with them, it is unsustainable because people cheat or hide assets.
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anonymous972110 Dec 2019
Real, You are right on point. Medicaid is unsustainable with all of the sheltering and hiding of assets. But the wake up calls are coming sooner rather than later.
If her checking account is under your states limit it will be part of her estate. However, some states are cracking down on Medicaid estate recovery practices and that could change where the money goes. Many states are being bankrupted by long term Medicaid expenses and need to recover as much money as possible. Medicaid nursing home expenses are over 18% of the total federal budget and increasing every year. Because of the huge expenses with Long term care Medicaid there are going to be many changes in the future involving both the availability of services and changes in how the government - both state and federal try to recover Medicaid costs.
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