I'm searching for detailed information about financial planning as it relates to Medicaid. One book I have come across is Medicaid Secrets by Heiser. I got the link through this site. Does anyone know if that book is a good source or is there another book you would recommend? I will eventually have to go back to our attorney, but I'd like to do my homework first. Thanks.

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Igloo572- sorry I wasn't clear. I am making financial decisions for my mother and the attorney we are using has experience in elder law but he's young and I think I should do my own research too. Thank you for your reply.
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Heisers is pretty well the platinum standard book.

You mentioned “our attorney”, is your Situation that your a couple and it’s that 1 of you are likely facing entering a facility but the other is fine & healthy so would remain living at home??? If so, that means community spouse & Medicaid planning and that is quite quite different than doing a Medicaid application for a widowed parent and you - their kid - is DPOA. Imo for CS situation you really need to work with a NAELA or CELA level of elder law atty as it can be really complicated if between the 2 of you have over 120k in any type of assets outside of your ok-in-value-for-medicaid homestead.
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It’s a fabulous resource. He also posts state specific updates.
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