Medicaid pays most of NH but Dad's SS and 401k monthly goes to the nursing home. Can he claim it on his taxes?

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My dad is in a nursing home for medical reasons. Can he claim it on his taxes?

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Snicks, I am moving your question back closer to the front of the questions. Hopefully a caregiver with experience with this type of financial issue can answer your question.

Otherwise, you would need to contact a CPA or income tax preparer for an answer. With the recent U.S. Tax Reform put into law, there may or may not be any changes to this matter.
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With my Mom, her SS and pension was a total of $1700. IRS had told her years ago to no longer file because she was considered low income because most of it was SS. I would call a CPA and see if he even needs to file.
Is it Medicaid that is paying, or is he in rehab and Medicare is paying, and dad is paying 20%?

It makes a really big difference.

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