Does the adult day care teach you to knit and crochet?

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In my mom's city, the Council of Governments got federal $ to run their Area on Aging senior day care programs. If the attendee was on Medicaid, Medicaid could be billed the daily activity fee. Otherwise either you private paid for the day's trip & meal (about $ 5.00 a day which in no way covered the true cost). What they did for activities dependent on the site - some are more lunch & a presentation (like a weekly health check)& they play cards or games; others if they have staff or volunteers who can do a hands-on activity then it's kinda like a cub scout meeting for seniors. If your elder is interested in a hands-on type of senior center, see if you have the OASIS program in your area. OASIS sites tend to have all sorts of classes from TaiChi to ceramics to cooking for singles.
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In some states Medicaid does pay for adult day health programs, and the transportation to and from. Each state administers Medicaid as they see fit.

My husband did not learn to knit of crochet at his day program. In some programs individual skills may be taught to those who are interested if there is a volunteer or staff member who can teach it.
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