Mom is in Hospice in NH for 5 days right now. Looking to move to resident for as long as may be necessary. She doesn't have any assests, she was a motel manager, and she lived on site, so no home to sell when she retired. She never had a 401k or pension. Mom has lived with me the last 6 years and I've provided for all of her care. She has end stage Parkinson's disease. There was no money in her checking account except her monthly SS check. Her bills would be paid, and then she would cash a check for herself to take out almost all of the remaining cash. She would spend the money on her necesseties, eating out, etc. So at the end of every month, she had around $200 or so before her next deposit. During the last year or so because of her mobility issues, she would write the check for her cash out to me so she didn't have to go to the bank. She/we were not trying to get rid of any money, this was just money she spent every month. Does anyone know if this is going to present any issues for the Medicaid lookback? If it does, what can I do? I don't have any money to pay for her care as I quit my job 6 years ago to take care of her.

I doubt if it will be a problem. Did Mom note it was for her spending money? When they looked at Moms statements, they pulled 4 a year out. I think they just look for large amounts going out. They look for inconsistency. I would wait to see if the check is questioned. Then I would give the explanation. If then its questioned, contact a lawyer.
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Talk to the local Area Agency on Aging; they may be able to refer you to an Eldercare attorney who offers a free initial consultation.

I'm hopeful that if you able to show a pattern of your mother's spending, and if you've kept receipts, this won't be a problem.

Are you going to be able to go back into the workforce?
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