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Gladimhere is right.
I’m guessing atty is an estate planning atty & looking at this from a taxes / unified tax credit / gen skip / capital gains viewpoint. & no experience dealing with seriousness of what a Medicaid transfer penalty can mean &/or their totally clueless abt Medicaid.

Find atty who has actual litigation experience with Medicaid.

If niece has property transferred and titled into her name, you do realize that lil’ Missy can sell it?
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In an earlier post, you wrote that your mother lives in assisted living, and now needs round the clock care. Are you the one providing that?

Why did your mother gift the property to the granddaughter? Really bad timing, and I hope YOU aren't on the hook for being the fulltime caregiver for your mother because of this.

Why didn't you ask the attorney why the $250,000 gift to the granddaughter can't be returned for a year?
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Taxes? Ask the attorney.

Consult another attorney, elder law attorney.z
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