Sorry I haven't been posting lately! H health improved, keeping me busy. Love to all!

Re income test for Medicaid in WA state, does the end of the calendar year matter or do they count back a certain number of months regardless? I have a chunk of money coming which I can choose to receive after Jan 1 or before Jan 1 this year.

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Thanks, PS,

I don't think my issue is 'lookbacks'; I think 'lookbacks' is about how much money or other assets I might have given to other people in the last 5 years or whatever (answer: none).

What I'm concerned about is my 'means test', 'income test' 'average monthly income'. I have not applid for Medicaid except in summer 2009, when I broke my hip; have not needed Medicaid before or since. In 2009 they wanted bank statements etc for several months previous to show that I did not have income over the limit. Since that application was in mid-summer, I don't know whether the end of calendar year 2008 would have made any difference.

Talked to a Senior INvo person here on the phone, she seemed to think that for current income test in future (if I break the other hip, LOL!) the calander year may not matter, that it is X montns regardless.

Odd how difficult it is to find information abotu this! I've googled 'WA medicaid income' etc etc and found either vagueness or total bureaucratic confusion.

Ah, well, maybe I'll just try not to break the other one.
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If you are applying for Medicaid, there is a five-year lookback. If you are already on Medicaid and are going to get a chunk of money, talk to your caseworker. You can't hide the income, so it will affect your claim no matter what year you get it in. If it is enough to get you off Medicaid permanently, take it after Jan 1.
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