My Mother lives at home alone and my Dad is in a nursing facility with Alzheimer disease. Mom no longer has a driver's license but they have the one car. My Mother transferred the title of the car on her name but we want to either gift the car to my son or buy it out right. How can we do this without it affecting his Medicaid. If it does affect it, what is the most that will happen? The car is only worth $4K or $5K the most.

I suppose if your mother continues to own the car, it might be more difficult to get insurance for your son to drive it, might it?

I should get the car valued properly and buy it from your mother. Much the simplest answer.

Does your mother have a preference?
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needtowashhair Apr 23, 2019
Not really. The insurance companies don't really care who owns the car, they just care who's driving it since that's where a bulk of the liability comes from. Some insurance companies might want a statement from the owner saying it's OK for someone else to drive their car.
Why not just have your son borrow the car?
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Selling or gifting the car shouldn’t affect dad’s medicaid because your mom is allowed to have a car. Gifting it will only be an issue if mom needs Medicaid within the next 5 years.
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