My father is on medicaid and in an assisted living nursing home, but only because my mother refuses to let him move back home because of his past physical and emotional abuse. Physically, he would be able to live on his own in senior apartments with a home health nurse visiting a couple of times a week, meals on wheels, etc. If he were to move in with me, would medicaid pay me or cover the costs for him to live with me instead of a nursing home? If he did move in with a child and does not need 24/7 care, are we allowed to still have full time jobs outside the home, or does medicaid require the caregiver to be there all the time, even if he doesn't need someone there all the time?

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Leave him where he is. Medicaid will not pay you plus provide nurses, meals, etc. He was put in AL because an evaluation determined he is not capable of living on his own. If you are working you cannot fulfill that need for assistance with daily living. Adding to that you mention physical abuse, which means you would be the next one he attacked. You are not seeing the big picture here, and you really need to accept where he is and why he is there.
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