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Mom just went into hospice. We had to discharge her from regular home health. She was able to go under hospice the same day she was discharged from home health.

So far hospice nurse visits once a week for about an hour. The social worker and Chaplin come once a month and they have no volunteers.

Mom was able to keep without change her personal care services offered by the state and medicaid. So she has personal care services and hospice/without their personal care services.

She has medicare and medicaid. Hope that helps.
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Medicaid will pay for one or the other; not both.

When I was a Visiting Nurse once a patient went on hospice we had to discharge from home care services.

Reimbursement is different as is coding for billing. We had to close the case immediately. You will lose homecare but will still have the assistance from hospice.
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marypr, find out from Hospice how many times they will be coming over to the house. In my area, Hospice would stop by an hour here, an hour there. A nurse would stop in to check vital signs and then leave to visit another patient.... a volunteer would come by every few days to bathe the patient.... another volunteer could stop by to chat with the patient, read to the patient or to hold their hand.

Thus, you would need to keep the home health care on a regular basis.

So sorry you are needing to go through this.
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