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Not sure if I understand your question. Are you living with your parents in THEIR home? OR, are they living with YOU in YOUR home? I'll share what I know but the best thing for you to do is contact the state department of health and welfare to learn the requirements of your state. Each state has different laws. I'm familiar with Idaho, Oregon and Indiana and there the state DOES seek recovery and often it means they place a lien on a persons home, assets or other property. BUT - in some states there are instances when the state will not seek recovery. If someone needs medicaid and their spouse is able to live at home, generally, the state does not place liens on homes.

If someone lives with their kids in the kids home, the state won't seek recovery from the kids - they will not make the kids pay for their parents care.

In some states the family home - the parents home - may also be free from liens if there are disabled children, children under 18 OR a care-giving child who's lived there and cared for them for a number of years. It all depends on the state. Probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but really, the best thing is to call your state agency responsible for medicaid or see a family law or elder care attorney. It might cost $200 for an hour but you'll know where you stand.
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