Ok hive I've got one for you. We may have a live buyer. The house still has all of mom's stuff. We have prob a 30 day window. The estate sale company has not even had a walk through yet. Gah.

What is your experience with start to finish estate sale. What if you have live buyer on the line? Storage? and then auction? I explained the fair market value concept via Medicaid to her. So, she is asking 10k more to get to Medicaid fair market value. She is a gift. Has done for 40 years.

But what about getting stuff out of house? Eep.

Our realtor is really savvy. I explained the Medicaid

Segoline, we went through the same thing last year. We had a buyer for my parents’ home who offered below value but still within the guidelines for Medicaid. My siblings and I and spouses and granchildren spent several week days and weekends clearing out the house. We rented a huge dumpster that was parked in front of the house for about a week. We all kept some mementos that were special to us and had a two day estate sale over one weekend. We did the estate sale ourselves. It took a tremendous amount of organization, time and prayer and was not without emotional flareups (previously posted). All the money raised was put into an account for my parents’ care.
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Can you get one of those PODs. Fill it up and have it transferred to your house? Then go thru it later.

Here's what I would do. Let family members go thru and see if there is anything they would like.

You can hire someone to do an estate sale which would be what I would do. They come in and tag items. Then you have an open house and people coming in and out and purchasing what they want. When all is said and done, you will have leftovers. These you can give to thrift stores. Clothing and accessories to shelters. There are people who pick up your junk.
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I know this sounds like a first World problem compared to what is frequently seen here. And it is.

My sibling and I work full time. In early and mid 60s are our ages. But, because the Medicaid requirements for fair market value of sale and our realtor price, it is relevant, I think, yet not dire, as many situations here are.

The sale of this would forestall Medicaid by many months, I hope. Having war gamed on paper, it would for about 7. Because she has a LOC and second mortgage. What a mess.

Any way, what have any of you done if in the situation where you might have a live buyer but the house is still full of mom stuff.

And apologies if inappropriate given much expressed here. Thank you, in advance.
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