My family lives in northern Virginia. My 93-year-old mother has advanced dementia/Alzheimer's and is in a residential facility where because her need for care keeps increasing the costs keep increasing. She has a small social security payment and a small state retirement which together total almost $1600. We have been making up the difference now over $5000/month. I know we can look for a less expensive facility, but do not want to move her more than needed. Is there anyway to see if she would qualify for assistance?

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It sounds to me that she would qualify for Medicaid. Check with your local social services. They would likely handle the Medicaid qualification process. You may have to put her on a waiting list for a Medicaid bed. One thing - since you are already paying for her care, you'll have a better chance at getting her into a home that also has Medicaid if you start off private pay. So, you could find a good home and talk to them. Tell them you are working on the Medicaid qualification, but that always takes time. Tell them you will cover the cost with private pay for now. Even a few months of private pay can make it easier to get a Medicaid bed. Most homes don't have a separate room for Medicaid clients, except that the rooms aren't usually private rooms, so she likely wouldn't even have to change beds. Good luck. I hope you find a nice nursing home and that the Medicaid process doesn't take too long.
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