I already have one in place, but it is a general one I found on-line and am not sure if it is Medicaid compliant. Although I realize my best bet would be contacting an elder care attorney, but they are so expensive and we have limited funds. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you..

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Whatever you do it has to be compliant for how your state (Maryland) has it's laws and regulations set up. Each state administers their Medicaid program so a form or rule for TX may or may not be valid for CA. Really although it may seem you cannot spend a few hundred $ for good legal, it will be worth it. If Medicaid denies your elder's application because they view the $ paid for caregiving as gifting, then they & you will face having to pay for their care are NH private pay rates. NH is like between 5K and 15K a month! So pay now or pay lots more later.

Most cities have pro-bono (free) legal aid for those that are low income. If there is a subsidized housing project or HUD office in your city, they probably have legal aid clinics during the year. So look into that. Also most law school provide pro-bono services, so call about that. Almost all these programs require documentation that they are low-income (old taxes, current SS or retirement statements) and elderly.

Your mom gets SS, use some of her SS income to pay for the legal that she needs and also use it as an opportunity to update her DPOA, MPOA and will.
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