Dad is in an assisted living currently and the facility has asked we start looking for a NH. They were vague on the timeline. This past week I found out the caseworker went to see him as requested by facility. Does anyone know why and was that for an evaluation? Should I be worried? I’m scared they are pushing for discharge I’m not the POA and cannot get details. Long story why I can’t ask POA.
Also is there a place you can look up what facilities have Medicaid beds free? Thanks!

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When you say caseworker, maybe you mean case manager. Nursing homes often will send out the case manager to meet and assess a potential resident for their facility. They want to make sure that they are able to meet the patients needs. This is often standard practice.
You can look up all nursing homes here on the medi-care website, enter your zip code, choose the facility name and here you can see if they participate in medicaid and how they rate: good luck.
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Carol, if you're not his PoA then the only place to get details is directly from him. PoA is under no legal obligation to tell you anything. AL cannot legally divulge info.

If your dad has enough cognitive decline, only his Durable PoA can give permission to move him. Hopefully, he will be moved to a facility that has the full spectrum of care, up until MC and hospice, so that he'll never need to be upended again.

The financial PoA is probably aware that your dad may be running out of money. Going onto Medicaid is not the end of the world but in my state there were waiting lists for the few Medicaid beds so we got my MIL into a nice facility before her money ran out because the inside people (current residents) get first dibs on those beds. I say beds because Medicaid only pays for a shared room. Once on Medicaid they cannot legally 'kick him out" and he will get all the same care as the rest of the residents. If he qualifies for Medicaid once in a new NH but there are no Medicaid rooms, the facility will expect his PoA to come up with the difference between the daily private room cost and the Medicaid portion. In our case it was $600+ per month. Luckily we had 3 families to split that expense and we had to pay it for about 8 months until a bed came available.

Sorry that you are not on good terms with the PoA. You can choose to worry about things not in your control, but maybe there are more productive things relating to your dad that you can put energy into? Wishing you peace in your heart!
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