Mom may need Medicaid, owns an old Mobile home where the real estate is at a total standstill, worth enough to keep her from qualifying. Now what?

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It's my understanding that the applicant can have one home that is not counted as value. And one car.
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Mobile homes are like cars. They depreciate.
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Medicaid rules can go 2 ways: exempt or nonexempt asset.
IF mom uses it as her home and has her address as at the mobile home then it’s an exempt asset AND she can continue to own it without issue for Medicaid for the rest of her lifetime. She’ll be eligible for Medicaid and still own it. Now this sounds all fabulous but the problem will be that once on Medicaid, she is required to do a copay or SOC (share of cost) to the facility of almost all her monthly income (like her SS$) to the facility. Due to the copay any costs to upkeep the mobile home - like paying lot rental fees if its at a park, or personal property taxes if it’s on land she owns - will have to be paid by someone other than mom, or that debt gets defaulted on. If you pay these costs, you imo kinda need to be ok in NOT being easily reimbursed from the sale as Medicaid will view the sale $ as totally mom’s $.

IF she hasn’t lived in it - like she lives with family - and her ID or other records (bank statements, tax filings) show it’s not her primary residence, it’s going to likely be viewed as an nonexempt asset and will need to be sold in order to be eligible for Medicaid.

Mobile homes are lousy for retaining value even when new. (We had friends who bought mobile to stay in while they had home built or repaired after Hur. Katrina and none of them retained any value, they basically gave them away to get them off property). I’d suggest you look at the last couple of tax assessor bills to see what govt. thinks it’s worth. If it’s on land mom’s own, what the land value? Could home & land possibly be sold for those figures?
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