Does a Medicaid approved trust have to be recorded in the state of Missouri for anyone to view it?


Our brother whom is POA and Health Directive over our mother who has a medicaid approved trust believe he has taken all of her assets for himself, even though she had all her children's names on trust first. We believe he has changed it and taken our names off this trust. Is there a way we can find out or look up in the court system to find out if our suspicions are true? He has already had her sign a quick claim deed for her house for $1.00, when all our names were on the beneficiary deed in the first place. Now we think he took the money in the medicaid approved trust, and need to find out and if there is anything we can do to stop him since he lives in her/his home now? Please help us. Thanks.

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" I think" does not hold up in court. You need solid proof that the Trust has been mishandled. If he moved the house to the trust, that would be the usual way to protect the asset BEFORE you go on Medicaid, at least 5 years ahead of time. Get the facts, because if you make false accusations, you can be countersued.
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