After serveral hospital and 2 short nursing home visits, I finally agreed to sign DNR and hospice care for my mom. Of course Medicare will only cover a short period of time and Medicaid would need to cover more.

I called the local Social Services office and was mailed a pile or required paperwork to be completed or information gathered. I myself am on Disability due to TBIs and mom is now incoherent and not speaking, thus unable to help, and am at a loss where some of the information could even begin to be gathered. The help offered from Social Services was if you have any questions please call Mr/Ms @ XXX-ZZZZ. I know mom will not be put out in the street by the nursing home, but sure make life miserable. Guidance on the Medicaid path would be appreciated.

I made an appointment with Medicaid caseworker. I took all the info I could get together. TG Mom was a keeper because she had 5 yrs of bank statements. The CW had a list of things needed and checked what I had off and gave me what was left.

I had POA so I was able to go to the bank and get a printout of alk Moms dealings with them. Checking, savings, IRAs and CDs. She had 2 very small policies with cash in value. I casjhed them in and prepaid her funeral.

Have you talked to the SW at the home? She or the financial department should be able to help.
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Are you local to your Mom, so you can access her files? Do you have her SS #? Do you have her POA? That will all make this easier.

To begin, you will need bank records and real estate transactions going back 5 years. Her SS benefit, and pension/annuity she receives. Any insurance policy that has a cash value. In NY there is very good instruction on line.

The Medicaid caseworkers that I have dealt with were very helpful, and I would encourage you to make an appointment to talk to them in person, not over the phone. Bring in all the forms they sent and any info you can scrounge up. They will help you.

There was a very helpful post I read the other day on a question about how to find financial info on a parent who said they were going broke. I will see if I can find it and post a link.
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rocketjcat Mar 4, 2019
Found it. It’s not regarding Medicaid, but it deals with trying to figure out a parents financials by getting a credit report, which may help a little especially if you can’t find files. Read Beekees post.
Our local medicare office will make appointments to help with filling out related paperwork, I wonder if yours would as well? I was able to explain the difficulty I was having and they agreed to set up a phone appointment and the wonderful lady walked me through the entire process I was involved in. Yes different than Medicaid but they have people call all the time with these sorts of questions and may have a resource.

Another other option is calling your county's crisis services line and asking if there is an elder law or elder issues center where you can get help doing this. There may be a chipper paralegal, or early career social worker, doing volunteer hours for their degree program who can help you.
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